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Play Zone with Safe Sea Sand

Playing is equally important as much as studies. It is through games that kids learn to interact and get engaged with the world around them.

The wide area of the play zone can accommodate all the kids and allow them to play and grow together. The safe sea sand in the play zone ensures the safety of the kids.

Farming / Gardening Zone

The therapeutic effect of farming or gardening makes a kid alert and increases concentration levels. The changeable nature of plants drives the kids to find a solution to every possible problem. The farming/ gardening zones encourage the kids to learn, focus, cooperate and enhances them to build their social skills. Enhances their social skills.

Arts and Crafts Zone

In the school curriculum, art and craft is typically taken for granted by the kids. The teachers take a keen interest in making this session interesting and entertaining for the kids. The kids are given a platform to create and try their hand at painting, clay art or create other handcrafted pieces to take home.

Science Lab

The Science Lab encourages the students to learn through experiments. The kids are provided with resources to exercise their curiosity, the freedom to invest in new explorations, experimentations and explanations.


The library is generally known as the universe of knowledge with the endless number of books and endless subjects for a kid to simply grow. Kids generate a habit of reading, thinking and discussing with the help of the school library. With the silent environment and endless books, the library will provide kids with a helping hand to achieve their dreams.


This planetarium is built with the basic idea of educating the kids with informative presentations about astronomy and night sky. Even though there are several things to know about the space, yet several questions are still unanswered, it is always interesting to know how the universe works. We are here to nurture the budding minds of these kids and answer their questions about the planet and stars.


Just to have a look at the real space, we have set up an observatory in the school. Kids can have a close look at stars, planets, comets and other things outside Earth’s atmosphere. The idea is to study distant objects and gather knowledge about them.


The necessary educative workshops are arranged for all the kids that help them to express their viewpoints. Workshops target different dimensions of a child’s persona which is crucial for development. These include personality build-up, gender education, stress-free living, study skills and spiritual growth.

Maker Space

We have maker space for the kids to explore, build, and create. In this area, kids can learn without turning to the front of the room for receiving directions from the teachers. They can direct their actions. This can help kids in increasing their focus on state standards and test scores.

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