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UnSchool thrives on a Co-operative Donation Funding Model. This means that the parents who seek a better learning journey for their kids choose to make UnSchool viable by donating to the expedition. UnSchool does not have a set fee structure, just an annual funding goal. 

In order to make the Expedition meaningful and awe-inspiring, UnSchool only engages with up to 70 kids throughout the year.  Our monthly operating expenditure is roughly Rs. 15,00,000. This means, on an "average" we should collect Rs. 21,500 per month, per student. We aspire to achieve this per-child average in order to make UnSchool sustainable. 

What does this mean for you as a parent? Put it simply, you are requested to pay as much as you can. We will be more than happy if you pay above Rs. 21,500, however, whatever you are able to pay, you and your child are welcome to be a part of UnSchool, with open arms!

UnSchool's objective is to be a socio-economically inclusive learning sanctuary. This means, we are open to kids and parents from all walks of life, and we will make sure that education affordability will not be a barrier to accessing quality education.

See you soon!

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