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UnSchool is a learning center run by like-minded parents who wish to keep their kids away from the highly competitive traditional education system available in society today. They wish to let children explore and learn at their own pace.

As facilitators, we are responsible for the academic progress of the children, giving them  ample opportunities to explore by exposing them to a variety of experiences. We are also responsible to keep them at par in their academic development as per their abilities. Our focus remains on balancing between these two targets.


A varied age group from 4+  to 14 + years attend school between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily, from Monday to Friday.


Almost each child has a tailor made curriculum according to the developmental milestones. Language maths and sciences are the three areas we facilitators work upon.


Since  the curriculum is not fixed and is tailor made to suit each child we do not follow any fixed set of  books here. Variety of good publication House books like McMillan, Cambridge, Scholastic, as well as online websites that are available like Kidsconnect or are referred to and we design our own syllabus for English language and math development.

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