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Preventive Measures Taken in School Premises

Mask Compliance Policy

  • Mask wearing is compulsory for everyone when in premises.

  • Only 3M mask provided by the school are permitted. No cloth mask is allowed inside the school premises.

  • Mask to be changed after every 3 days or whenever dirty.

  • Changing and discarding of mask should be done in the space allotted only.

  • Frequent touching of masks should be avoided to minimize infection risk.


Eating Policy

  • Everybody has to follow social distancing while having food.

  • Not more than 5 kids are allowed in one room and has to follow atleast 8 feet's of distance.

  • Kids are not allowed to change or roam around the place while and after having removed their mask for eating.

  • Sharing of food and water is strictly not allowed.

  • Use of Santizer and hand wash is mandatory after having food.

  • Sanitizer has to be used after an interval of every 2 hours.

  • Every person entering the premises has to undergo a antigen Test. Entry is allowed only after nurse confirms your test is negative.

  • Every staff member should be fully vaccinated as per government norms.

  • Social gathering and over crowding is not allowed in the premises.

  • A person showing slightest symptoms like cold, cough and fever is not allowed to enter the school premises.

  • Even in cases if the Antigen test is positive the respective person is suggested to undergo RTPCR test to ensure the tests done.

Cleanliness Policy

  • Washrooms and door nobs, lift buttons, table, chairs and floor is disinfected at regular intervals.

  • Washrooms are all equipped with automated sensor taps, handwash and tissue dispensars.

  • All the staff and parents are briefed about the protocols to be followed in school premises by our school nurse.

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